Jan 09

Adding Healthy and Delicious Foods To My Diet

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For my health/physical big goal I’m aiming for easily maintaining an energetic, healthy and tone body.  I intend to have strong core muscles, energy throughout the day and getting back to being a size 2.


I’ve already exercise regularly so my first landmark goal focuses on my eating habits.  I don’t like going on “diets” since that usually means denying foods which leads to more cravings and bad eating habits.  Instead I’m going to focus on adding healthy, energizing and delicious foods to my diet which hopefully will then crowd out the bad stuff.


What is the game plan?



First I need to find some easy, quick recipes to try.  There are tons of sites and books out there to choose from.  That meant a trip to the local library.  It’s one of my favorite places to hangout.  Where else can you learn so much for free!  I checked out several vegan cookbooks.  I also have subscribed to several RSS feeds from sites which focus on healthy foods.

There are already a couple of recipes that look delicious.

I’ll try a few new recipes every week and see if I can get my family to taste test them as well.  It would be great to get my family healthier.  It’s so easy when you are young to process junk food, but not so easy once you get to middle age.  I want to save my kids from that difficult transition by introducing them to healthy foods that are good for them.  Wish I did this years ago when they were young, but it’s never to late to start, it’s just more challenging once the bad habits come into play.

How are you going to improve your health?



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