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Mastering A Penny Stock Trading System

English: Large amount of pennies

English: Large amount of pennies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the area of business, my big goal is to easily grow a profitable stock trading business.  It entails successfully implementing several reliable trading systems, generating at least 2-5% profit monthly, and having a portfolio worth at least $500,000.  The first landmark goal is for me to master a Penny Stock Trading System I purchased.

I broke down this landmark goal into smaller chunks which hopefully keep me focused and moving forward.

The first step is to read and learn all the training material.

Reading the material and watching the videos weren’t too bad.  I did a little bit every day and got through all of it within a week.  Timed the step just like the Goal Factory said to lay it out.  It felt great to finish this mini-goal within a week.  I could easily get used to feeling successful every week.

One thing I’m going to have to keep in mind is that I have multiple goals I am working on.  So when I’m breaking down all my landmark goals I have to make them a little smaller so I can hit multiple milestones every week.

Next step is to create reference notes to ensure I understand the critical information – triggers, buying criteria, selling criteria, etc.

Looking forward to next achievement!


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