Feb 25

Listen to Your Heart, and Success Will Follow


I enjoy learning new things, especially in the area of personal development.  I recently discovered a site which offers online classes on a variety of topics – ed2go.   The site also offers classes for career development, computer technology and writing.  I was given free access through my state library.

I decided to take advantage of the free training.  I found an interesting class called “Listen to Your Heart, and Success Will Follow” taught by Cynthia Christianson

I wasn’t expecting too much from the class.  I’ve read several books along the same lines, but they were all missing something.  They just talked about how important it was to follow your heart, but didn’t give practical advice on how to discover your heart’s desire.

So far this class has provided me some wonderful insight into who I am.

This class so far is providing an easy “how to”  in discovering more about myself.  The exercises consist of just rating a few statements on how much it applies to my life situation.

The first lesson was about letting go of the past.  In order to do that you need to find out what is draining you.  By answering just a few questions, I determined the following areas need attention:

Body, Mind, Spirit

I was a little surprised Money didn’t rank high, but I found it’s because I’m out of balance.  I’ve been working so hard on improving my financial situation that I haven’t been putting enough into other areas of my life.  It is something I will have to pay attention to in the future.

Everything is connected and I don’t want a weak link.

I’m looking forward to the next lesson.

Have you thought about what areas in your life need addressing?



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