Apr 04

Day 1 of Kaeng Raeng Cleanse

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Weight lost after one day – .6 lbs.  The first day went a lot better than I thought.  The smoothies were pretty tasty and I had minimal detox symptoms.  So far this is meeting my goal of being easy and painless.



I was only able to drink 2 packets of smoothies.  I tried the Glai Roong (mango, peach, pineapple) “daybreak” and the Reunn (strawberry, raspberry, pineapple) “joyful”.  I didn’t care for the Reunn since the raspberry taste was too strong.  I didn’t do straight water to make the smoothies.  I added unsweetened almond milk, frozen bananas, and extra frozen fruit.  I like smoothie textures and the frozen bananas thicken the drink.  I made sure I drank lots of water as recommended.

One packet makes a huge drink.   It took me several hours to finish off one serving.  That’s why I never got to the third packet.

I was feeling great in the morning.  I didn’t have an issue running errands around town.  I bought a water bottle with me so I could keep sipping and stay hydrated.  The afternoon was a different story.  I started to get a headache and felt “blah”.  I took a nap and by late afternoon I was feeling much better.  I was even able to get a short workout in.

By the evening I was having cravings!  I wanted some chips and meat.  Instead I settled for some cantaloupe and apples.  I think it was important for me to chew something.  Drinking liquids all day just didn’t cut it.

Lucky for me I’m not a coffee drinker so I didn’t have to deal with any caffiene withdrawals.

One day down.  Hopefully day 2 will be even easier than day 1


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