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2015 Intentions

My intentions with strategies for 2015

My intentions with strategies for 2015

Now that I’ve completed reviewing the good and bad of 2014, it’s now time to set up my intentions for 2015.  If you missed reading my year in review, click here.  As I mentioned in that post it’s important to evaluate where you’ve been and how you got there so you can make decisions on how you should proceed in the future.  It is a great way to do a sanity check.  Do you really want to head in the direction you are going?  Do you really want to use the same tactics and strategies to get there? In general, I am happy with my direction, I now need to tweak some of the ways I’ve been using to get there.  I used some of the negatives to help me re-frame my strategies for 2015.

Putting on relaxing inspirational music and sipping chamomile tea is a really nice way to get prepared for this exercise.  This should be a fun exercise, so set up an environment for yourself that gets you in the mood for designing your future.

I stuck with the 4 main areas I had setup for my review:  Health, Career/Wealth, Personal Growth and Relationships.

I attempted to break down each area into mini-goals and habits which I need to incorporate to get to goals.  It’s important to not only have the goal in mind, but you also need some action steps which you think will move you in the right direction.  It doesn’t matter if you are right or not.  Just try it as an experiment for 30 days.  If it doesn’t get you closer to your goal, try something else.

I’ve been looking at the Kaizen method so I’ve come up with a few ridiculously small steps which will get me moving.  I’ll spend more time in a future post elaborating on this method.  I’m finding that it’s been very helpful in areas which I’ve been having difficulty making progress.


I plan to improve my diet more by incorporating more greens and substituting zoodles for pasta.  My mom got me a Brieftons Tri-Blade Spiralizer: for Christmas and I can’t wait to try it.  I’m also going to start some breathing exercises to get more oxygen into my bloodstream.  I will start out small in the morning and evening and go from there.  Since I noticed I’m getting a little stiffer I plan to incorporate more stretching before and after my workouts.


I plan to earn an Apiary funded account by mid-year.  In order to do that I need to continue through the FOREX training and practice.  I’m also going to finish Tony Robbins new book and apply some of the investment techniques.  I would love to retire from my “JOB” within the next 5 years instead of having to wait until I’m 60.  With my investments I would like to get a consistent 1% growth.  As far as my career, it will be a lot of experimenting to see if I enjoy business analysis, graphic facilitation or coaching.


This year I will focus and follow through on a couple of key programs.  I’m really enjoying Tai Lopez’s “67 Steps” and VIP program.  I’m learning a lot and I am slowly trying to make some key skill instinctual.  I play to improve my memory.  I purchased a memory course on Udemy which looks quite promising.  I also want to clear out the negative thoughts so I will by working through “A Bug Free Mind” program.  I’m committed to not buying anymore programs until I’ve completed or thrown my exisitng programs out because they are not working


This is one area I do need to spend more time on this year.  I’m going to start off small — KAIZEN.  I will give hugs and say “I Love You” daily to my husband and kids.  I will also start telling them what I appreciate about them and be as specific as possible.  I want to extend this appreciation to those I work with.  I think this will make me less judgmental.  By the end of the year I would like to start building a friend network, people I hangout with on a regular basis.

I hope you all have great dreams for 2015 and I wish you all the best of luck in achieving those dreams.  I will use this blog more than last year to track my progress throughout the year.  Remember, it’s never too late to wipe the slate clean and start over.



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