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Mar 15

Successful No Thinking Stock Trading

Stock Trader Sam

I have found a simple stock trading service that requires no thinking.  Every week a newsletter is published online listing 3 stocks to buy.  I log in to my brokerage account and put market orders for each stock and I’m …

Feb 17

Paper Trading Penny Stocks

TD Ameritrade Park

TD Ameritrade Park (Photo credit: ensign_beedrill)


I think I’ve mastered the rules of the Penny Stock Trading System.  Now it comes to the point of practicing what I know and determining if I can make money in the process.  …

Jan 03

Mastering A Penny Stock Trading System

English: Large amount of pennies

English: Large amount of pennies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the area of business, my big goal is to easily grow a profitable stock trading business.  It entails successfully implementing several reliable trading systems, generating at least 2-5% profit monthly, and …

Dec 29

Goal Blueprint

This blueprint of what La Belle would have loo...

This blueprint of what La Belle would have looked like was created in the 20th century, after excavation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Developing my blueprint to achieve my goals was harder than I thought.   I selected 6 goal areas to work …