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Jan 05

2015 Intentions

My intentions with strategies for 2015
My intentions with strategies for 2015

My intentions with strategies for 2015

Now that I’ve completed reviewing the good and bad of 2014, it’s now time to set up my intentions for 2015.  If you missed reading my year in review, click here.  As I …

Jan 04

2014 In Review

2014 In Review


2014 In ReviewAnother year has come and gone.  This year I wrapped up things a little differently.  I actually took the time to sit down and review 2014.  I looked at the four main areas of my life:  Health, Career/Wealth, Relationships …

Feb 06

2014 – Starting Anew

2014 Goals Matrix

Went off track during 2013, but now it’s time to work my way back and become a better me.   I found that I was having difficulty focusing on my goals.  I got easily distracted by tv and games.  Candy Crush …

Jan 10

2013 – The Year of “Freedom”

Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

I recently read a blog post by Jon Gordon called “One Word That Will Change Your Life”.  It is a simple concept which could have a powerful impact on how and when …

Jan 02

Benefits of Applying The Goal Factory Formula

A new dawn

A new dawn (Photo credit: kern.justin)

I created my goal blueprint and have started my goal factory.

What’s next?  What can I expect?

Here are the benefits Jeff Gignac says I can expect if I follow through with implementing the …

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