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Feb 06

2014 – Starting Anew

2014 Goals Matrix

Went off track during 2013, but now it’s time to work my way back and become a better me.   I found that I was having difficulty focusing on my goals.  I got easily distracted by tv and games.  Candy Crush …

Jan 02

Benefits of Applying The Goal Factory Formula

A new dawn

A new dawn (Photo credit: kern.justin)

I created my goal blueprint and have started my goal factory.

What’s next?  What can I expect?

Here are the benefits Jeff Gignac says I can expect if I follow through with implementing the …

Dec 20

Goal Setting To Goal Achieving

Goal Setting

Goal Setting (Photo credit: angietorres)

I’ve always known that setting goals is important, but I haven’t been able to effectively move from goal setting to goal getting.

How do I move beyond developing and writing down my specific goals to …